The British told the Patroits that they were not fight durring the winter. While the British were enjoying the warmth of homes, and balls, the Americans stuck together through the bitter cold. The winter was harsh, and food was rare to come by at times. Disease spread quickly, and the men had little for winter clothing. They were stationed at their base camp in Valley Forge. At 3 am on christmas morrning, the Americans started on a march over to Trenton and Princeton. General George Washington was leading a suprise attack on the British. Many of the men say they had never before seen Washington so determand. He told them it was either victory or death, all or nothing. For the first time since the war had started, the Americans finally won a battle! This was a turn in the course of the war. It finally seemed like they might actually have a chance at winning this thing. New men began enlisting to become an American soldier for the first time in a long time.