The colonists are still mad about having to be taxed by the British, and so thy boycott British goods. One of those goods is tea, a drink that almost everyone drinks multiple times a day. The British send tea over to the colonies, and expect payment for it within three weeks. But, the colonists refuse to even take the tea, because it has tax on it, and tea tax is just rediclous. So, on the night of December 16, 1763, three colonists dressed as indians, go to the ship where the tea is and dump all of the tea into the harbor! One of the men is caught stuffing tea into his pocket, and is sent home naked. The British are apauled. They have just let Thomas Hutchenson become the royal Govener for Massachusets. The wouldn't let Ben Franklin live in London any more, and they made it seem as thought they were going to go to war with the colonists.