The British were angry about the Boston Tea Party inncient, and so they sent 2000 millitary troups to Boston to close the port there. When the colonists found out about this, they knew they needed to do something, and so they formed the First Continental Congress. All of the colonies got together and formed this. Paul Revere heard that the British were coming, and he wared all of the town. They colonies all got there guns, and they all gathered in Lexington Green. They saw the British and realized how much stronger the British army was then their's. So, they were told to retreat. They began to retreat, by in the mist of it, someone accidently fired a shot...and the war was on! Nobody to this day knows who it was who fired that shot. 269 British soldiers were killed or injured that day. After this, the colonists got together for a second time in the Second Continental Congress, and they knew they needed to do something. They formed a national army, and were going to pick a general to comand this army. John Hancock felt he should be apointed this duty, for he had the highest social standing. But, John Adams had a different idea. When he stood up to nominate someone, John Hancock thought it was him Adams was talking about, but he became angry when Adams mentioned the man he was nominating was from virgina. George Washington was the man being spoken of, and he was also the man who became the General.