The British have a staratgey, and it is a good one. They plan to have part of the army come down from Canada on a river and part come up from New York City. General Burgoyne was commanding officer for the British on this particular journey. Part way through their journey, the part of the army traveling from Canada, come upon Fort Ticonderoga, a place in the river where where ever they went, they were in the direct way of one of the Patriots' cannons. So, they climbed a moutain next to the Fort, and suprised the Patroits the next morning with guns pointing down on them. The Patroits ran for their lives. What the British found out latter in their journey though, was that the two rivers the two parts of the British army did not connect together. The Americans saw an oppertunity and siezed it. They cut down trees and broke down bridges, anything to block the British's path, and slow them down. Dispite the fact that the roads were blocked, the indians that had been helping them ran away, and they were running out of food and supplies. These things emensly helped the Americans win  in Upper New York. One of the Generals for the Americans was Benedict Arnold. He in 1777 was known as the most fearless fighter. Later in his life though, he betrayed the Americans and went and fought on the British side.